Close to Kastel Gomilica there is a peaceful beach resort with palm trees and stunning views.
The apartment Villa Zokic is surrounded by beautiful sites. There is also an ancient castle which is worth visiting and admiring.

Krka waterfalls

If you want to see something breathtaking during your stay at Villa Zokic, you should do a a little trip to the Krka waterfalls. They are situated approximately 50 km away from the apartment. In the surrounding park there is a beautiful walking route through the forest and over the waterfalls. At the end of the route, encircled by the waterfalls, there is a lake where you can swim.

Port Kastela Gomilica

Kastela Gomilica has a port since several years. The port is 1 km away from the apartment. Renting a boat is possible. Take a look at linlks for more information.

Trogir 4 & Split 8

Trogir and Split are two big cities which are situated approximately 15 km away from the apartment Villa Zokic. Split is a famous tourist attraction and has modern architecture as well as historical sites. Trogir is a beautiful olden city. Both cities are great to explore by walking. Markets, festivities, old catsels, churches and numerous sighseeing attractions await you there.

Did you know that:

  • the airport is situated 7 km away from Villa Zokic.
  • the supermarket is only 5 min away.
  • the castle is situated 1 km away from Villa Zokic.
  • the sea resort Medena is 20 km away.
  • the Zokic family will welcome you personally.
  • there are alsways Dutch peaking people in the building.


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